UA made in Ro aims to help Ukrainian refugees build a new life.

We know that the war started by Russia turned their world upside down. They had to overcome many obstacles to get to Romania.

They justify behind their homes, friends and families and came for shelter in our country, an unfamiliar place where they got the refugee tag.

We believe this label is temporary. This label does not reflect who they are. They all have a skill, a talent, a hobby, a dream, a hope, and each of them can build a future here, in Romania.

And we are here to help them build that future.

Are you a Ukrainian refugee with a business idea?

Step 1

Ukrainian refugees can register their business ideas between the 12th of October and the 20th of November.

Step 2

Everyone who registered will participate in a free online course about launching an online business in Romania. The course will take place between 21th-29th of November. The course will take 2 hours and its exact date will be announced when the registrations end, on the 20th of November.

Also, during this phase, the jury will assess the business ideas in order to grant the prizes.

Step 3

Between the 26th of November and 16th of December the 11 winners will take part in practical seminars that will facilitate the launch of their own business in Romania.

Step 4

Launch of the 11 UA made in RO businesses.

A new chapter in the lives of
Ukrainian refugees starts here.

Painters, software developers, managers, bakers, photographers, craftsman, cooks, designers and beauticians, these are the Ukrainians who found a shelter in Romania. They all have the necessary skills to prosper in this society.

The Pentru Bine (For Good) Association trusts them and supports them by granting them access to a Valuable Support Sistem. It consists of experienced entrepreneurs, legal advisers, communication specialists, as well as other resources that will facilitate their mission of starting a successful business in Romania.

We are here to help them build that future.